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Industry: Contractors

Asbestos Roof, Replacement or Seal?
Posted By: H20 Roofing & Waterproofing | Posted On: February 6, 2019 8:34 am
Can I paint over my Asbestos Roof? So often, a perfectly sound super six asbestos roof is unnecessarily removed and replaced with IBR roofing. Homeowners are told that their roof is not sound anymore and is a health hazard to us and the environment

Athena-Tek awarded GSA Schedule Contract
Posted By: Will Wellons | Posted On: December 28, 2018 5:44 pm
Athena-Tek, a network operations firm was awarded a five-year contract by the General Services Administration. Government institutions will have increased access to Athena-Tek's talented team of engineers and their wide variety of capabilities.

Calgary Painter's Now Online With Their Website
Posted By: Sam Makaj | Posted On: November 6, 2018 3:28 pm
After being for 8 years in the business and Owner having over 25 years experience in the painting industry and providing painting services for big and small businesses, now we have launched our new website.

Elite HVACS Offers Free In-Home Estimates
Posted By: Juan Ayala | Posted On: August 10, 2018 10:41 am
Elite HVACS is pleased to announce they offer free in-home estimates to anyone who finds themselves in need of their heating and air services.

Leader Builders Corp. Helps People Create the Homes of Their Dreams
Posted By: Pete Antonow | Posted On: July 17, 2018 10:43 am
Leader Builders Corp. is pleased to announce its assortment of high-quality home renovation and remodeling services.