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Laser Hair Comb- The Best Handy Solution For Hair Loss

Posted By: Kevin Johnsen | Posted On: August 1, 2014 4:09 am
Combs with laser lights fitted onto them are the latest rage of the industry. While there are many hair loss treatments in the market which claim to be more effective than one another, none of these treatment options are seeming to to do anything to stop or reverse this treatment. on the contrary, things are seemingly turning from worse to worst. Despite the availability of the array of hair loss treatments like shampoos and conditioners, people are not getting respite from the problem of hair loss. This is because, the claims that are made by these products are only temporary and short durational. Moreover, these products contain chemicals and ingredients which add on to the damage of the hair, instead of making them healthy from within. The shine and softness imparted by these products are only temporary and makes the hair just appear healthy from outside. However, hair loss treatment is not possible with such exterior or superficial solutions. The treatment must have the ability to stimulate the dormant or inactive hair follicles that have been sitting ideal for a long time. The ability to do such a thing is available with only one treatment option and that is laser hair treatment.

Laser hair therapy

Laser hair therapy or laser hair treatment is one of the breakthrough treatments in the field of hair loss treatments. Although there is no exact evidence as to why the hair follicles react to laser lights, the fact is that they do. Scientists suggest that laser lights supposedly act at the cellular level and the energy from the laser lights stimulate the cellular energy, which in turn results in the growth of new hair even from balded zones of head.

The reason why alopecia and other such patterned hair loss occurs is because of genetic problems and also due to because the hair follicles get clogged with sebum and fail to allow the growth of new hair strands. Consequently, the number of hair strands starts becoming scarce and people start observing more hair loss . The reason is also applicable for non-patterned hair loss. People keep on losing hair and it is due to the tremendous slow rate of hair regrowth that people start witnessing problems like hair thinning. However, it is only a laser hair therapy or a device using the technology of laser therapy like laser hair combs can provide effective results against this problem.

Laser combs

All these problems of hair loss and hair regrowth can be effectively dealt with laser hair combs, a type of comb in which the strands of the comb remain paired with laser lights. These laser lights are of low level or intensity, which is why these are considered safe as well.

Laser hair combs generally do not come with any sort of drawbacks or side effects and these are also pretty easy to use. All the user is needed to do is just comb his or her hair with the laser comb at least once or twice a day for a minute and they will be able to notice results in just a few days. The best thing about this comb is that it is compatible for men as well as women and is capable of even reversing patterned baldness.

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