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As part of Montreal's 375th anniversary, VDM Global presents a special edition

Posted By: Josiane Allison | Posted On: October 12, 2017 3:59 am
Since 1642, visitors from every corner of the planet have come to Montreal for its culinary delights. As Montreal celebrates its 375th birthday, the table is set to welcome foodies from the world over to satiate their appetite for a gastronomic feast.

For Montreals anniversary, and as part of its official 375th activities, VDM Global created a unique food tour that sets The Main on a Plate. The Main is Montreals iconic Boulevard Saint-Laurent. The street is both a commercial artery and a cultural heritage site. It also has the distinctive feature of being the dividing line between the east and west of Montreal.

This fascinating [Montreal food tour]( will introduce participants to the rich history this symbolic street has to offer. Visitors will go back in time to witness how an old red-light district became the citys beloved theatre district and how a Lacrosse field became the biggest outdoor market of Canada and the United States! This walking tour also brings focus to how the many waves of immigration helped shape Montrals culinary scene.

Professional tour guides, and devoted foodies, will deliver a food experience starting in Montreals Chinatown, continued into the Jewish and Portuguese neighborhoods and completed in the Mile-End, Canadas most creative quarter, before entering Little Italy. Needless to say, you will be able to feel, see, touch, and taste the rhythm of our multicultural city through Saint-Laurent Boulevards sights, sounds and dishes, says Danielle Crete, president of VDM who has over 30 years experience in sharing her love of the city with visitors from all four corners of the world.

The tour will be offered every Thursday afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM starting in May through August. Additionally, it will also be offered on Tuesdays at the same times from June to August. The tour includes a professional foodie guide, 3 tastings in especially selected eateries, a 24-hour Metro pass and all taxes.

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