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Seven Billion Today: Voting Results of the Week, August 21

Posted By: Seven Billion Today | Posted On: August 21, 2017 8:54 am
Contact: Jean Cao, Executive Director
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Hong Kong (21 August, 2017) — Seven Billion Today (, a new social media platform with a conscience, has been launched across the world, designed for people, charities and NGOs to post and raise awareness of the issues affecting mankind today.

Top votes of last week on Seven Billion Today:

1. US, under Trump, Criticises World over Religious Freedom
30% of voters believe the US under Trump can promote religious freedom around the world (as a "moral imperative”).


2. Hong Kong Protests Leaders Jailed - Political Motive?
71% of respondents think there is political motive behind the jail sentences of three protest leaders.


3. UN Should Shame States That Fail to Protect War Doctors 
42% of people think the UN naming and shaming states that fail to protect health professionals in conflict zones could stop perpetrators.


4. Deadly Day 'Beautiful' Says Duterte of Drug War
35% of respondents think Duterte’s deadly war on drugs is making sense.


5. The 'Burqa Stunt' in Australia’s Senate 
Only 27% of respondents agree with Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt.


6. Trump Flip Flops on Charlottesville Violence Blame
29% of voters think Trump’s remarks on the white nationalist rally are politically right.


7. Political Storm in India after 30 Children Die
80% of respondents believe the state's healthcare facilities are still being neglected by Modi's government.


To find out more visit us or email Jean Cao, Executive Director, via email:

About Company: Seven Billion Today donates its profits to causes, charities or NGOs that the community nominates on a monthly basis

The platform is available to all participants on a zero-cost basis. 

We live in a time when greed and profit, corruption, injustice, inequality, conflict and bureaucracy reigns. As humanity, we see poverty, crime, sickness, famine, environmental decay, war, displacement, and hopelessness borne out of poor governance and profiteering. 

We have had enough. Seven Billion Today is where we meet, share our views, get heard, be counted and make a difference - because together, we can. 

Users can get involved by: 
- Posting articles, images and videos about issues or projects you are passionate about 
- Creating polls, and voting on different topics 
- Connecting with and messaging like-minded people across the planet 

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