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Votes on Issues Affecting Mankind, September 11: Seven Billion Today

Posted By: Seven Billion Today | Posted On: September 11, 2017 8:54 am
Contact: Jean Cao, Executive Director
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Hong Kong (September 11, 2017) — Seven Billion Today (, a new social media platform with a conscience, has been launched across the world, designed for people, charities and NGOs to post and raise awareness of the issues affecting mankind today.

Top votes of last week on Seven Billion Today:

1. US Could Sell South Korea Arms Worth Billions Amid Tensions
65% of voters think profit-making is a big factor in influencing war.

2. African Extremism Driven by Poverty, Bad Governance: UN
38% of respondents say it surprises them that poverty, marginalisation and poor governance are more important factors in the radicalisation of young Africans, than religion.

3. Trump Ends 'Dreamers' Programme, Leaving 800,000 Vulnerable
Only 27% of voters support Trump's decision to end DACA.

4. Saudi Arabia 'Should Fund All Humanitarian Aid’ to Yemen
61% of voters think Saudi Arabia should fund all steps to tackle hunger and cholera in Yemen.

5. Can Female Only Seats on Buses Help Women?
55% of respondents think women-only seats could tackle sexual harassment on public transport. 

6. BBC Radio Replaced by China State-Run Broadcast in Hong Kong
75% of people think the 'cultural exchange' is a symptom of Hong Kong 'mainlandisation'. 

7. Israel Denies Visas to Aid Workers
68% of respondents vote Israel should grant work visas to foreign charity workers. 

To find out more visit us or email Jean Cao, Executive Director, via email:

About Company: Seven Billion Today donates its profits to causes, charities or NGOs that the community nominates on a monthly basis

The platform is available to all participants on a zero-cost basis. 

We live in a time when greed and profit, corruption, injustice, inequality, conflict and bureaucracy reigns. As humanity, we see poverty, crime, sickness, famine, environmental decay, war, displacement, and hopelessness borne out of poor governance and profiteering. 

We have had enough. Seven Billion Today is where we meet, share our views, get heard, be counted and make a difference - because together, we can. 

Users can get involved by: 
- Posting articles, images and videos about issues or projects you are passionate about 
- Creating polls, and voting on different topics 
- Connecting with and messaging like-minded people across the planet 

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