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Amana Healthcare to lead GCC Patient Experience Summit

Posted By: Fleming. | Posted On: September 12, 2017 2:31 pm
Abu Dhabi: In keeping with its role as the leading provider of post-acute healthcare services in the Middle East, Amana Healthcare will play a key role at the upcoming inaugural GCC Patient Experience Summit with a joint staff-patient presentation on the role of innovative technology and service design on patient experience in long-term care and rehabilitation.

Organized by Fleming. and endorsed by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD), this visionary event is set to be held from the 18 – 19 September 2017 at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

As a specialized provider of long-term acute care, post-acute rehabilitation, transitional care and home care services, Amana Healthcare is supporting the GCC Patient Experience Summit as its Exclusive Rehabilitation and Long Term Care Partner. Lulu Hamdan from Amana Healthcare is scheduled to speak at the event on how a patient can regain independence with maximum recovery through intensive rehabilitation, the role of technology and the significance of environmental and social elements for effective patient development.

Speaking to Lulu Hamdan, Healthcare Technology Specialist and Communications Manager at Amana Healthcare, she said “Each patient requires a unique medical approach for their condition. At Amana Healthcare, we turned this challenge to an opportunity by arranging for multi-disciplinary teams to work closely together to develop customized plans for each individual, helping them regain their independence with maximum recovery through intensive rehabilitation and/or customized programs for long-term care.”

Elaborating on how Amana Healthcare assists in enhancing patient experience for the medically complex patient, Ms. Hamdan said: “While each patient and their condition differ, the common approach across all patients is to provide them with a happy, medically safe, and comfortable environment where they can fully develop their potential despite the complexity of their underlying conditions”.

On the subject of how technology is playing a key role at Amana Healthcare, she explained how Amana’s rehabilitation hospital in Abu Dhabi is using robotic technology like the Rex Bionics device, a self-supporting and self-balancing exoskeleton that allows people with severe mobility impairments, and an eye-tracking device, Eye-gaze, which allows users to communicate and interact with the world by using proprietary eye-tracking technology.

Joining Ms. Hamdan to further emphasize on the importance of patient experience will be Ms. Maryam Khamis Zayed Al Ali, a long-term ventilator care patient at Amana Healthcare Abu Dhabi who will provide a first-hand account of her journey as a medically complex patient.

The summit will address various topics pertaining to patient experience such as the integration of the concept of service excellence in healthcare, essence of synergistic staff engagement, regulations and standards to optimize patient journey and tools and metrics to measure patient experience to name a few.

The summit plays host to experts representing organizations such as Health Authority Abu Dhabi
(HAAD), Dubai Health Authority, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Arab Hospital Federation, Sidra Medical & Research Center, American Hospital Dubai, Frost & Sullivan, Abu Dhabi Health Services
Company (SEHA) and Universal Hospitals to name a few.

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